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Our Services

Valley Wood has been providing Custom Remanufacturing services since 1997. Our management/supervisors have over 25 years experience in the reman industry.
We are certified with Canadian Softwood Inspection.
Grade stamping
IPPC Heat Treating Certified
Accurate inventory control system
Van loading
Special packaging - tally packs - export

Products produced include:

siding, paneling, decking
boards, finish
finger joint blocks
door and window components
pallet parts
spindle stock
spa and sauna parts
planters & trellises

Our finished products ship to Canada , U.S. & Internationally 

Our Machines:

 1.Stetson Ross 6-10A Planer Line
     - Complete Valley trim system capable of D.E.T. 6’ - 20’ odd and even lengths.
     - capable of planing dimension, patterns and profile ripping.
     - up to 4 x 10 material
Wadkin Moulder Line
6 head
up to 12” wide x 4” thick material
2’ to 12’ lengths
all patterns, profiles and splitting.
Dogear Machine
4” & 6”
2’ to 8’
 1.2 Gas Fired Kiln
A)  Airodyne Track Kiln
34’ x 74’    10’ Wide Carts
130 to 180,000 FBM Capacity
3.54” McDonough Resaw
Thin kerf (.085)
up to 8” material
R/L up to 20’
2 Ultimizer 800B Optimizers
Cut Stock
finger joint blocks
furniture parts
custom work